UNOde50 boosts mobile-user traffic to its stores thanks to Adcity (Havas Media Group) and TAPTAP

Case Study
May 30, 2019


  • The goal of the UNOde50 Christmas campaign was to increase mobile-user traffic to its physical stores in Madrid and Barcelona.
  • The advertising campaign on mobile devices was geotagged around points of sale and supports which made up the outdoor circuit.

May 27, 2019, Madrid. TAPTAP and Adcity (Havas Media Group) presented the success story of the jewelry brand UNOde50 at the DES global marketing congress. In the 2018-2019 Christmas campaign, the advertiser saw an increase above the 4% visit rate to their points of sale in Madrid and Barcelona, a result well-above the industry average.

The solution proposed by Adcity, a unit of the Havas Group specializing in mobile out of home communication (MOOH: synergy OOH + mobile), was based on the use of geodata, crossing advertising areas of influence, targets of interest and most relevant media with the objective of connecting the mobile audience.  

To do this, two types of clusters were defined: the "gift receiver" target, identifying those mobile users related to UNOde50 who wanted to receive jewelry as a Christmas gift, and on the other hand, the "gift seekers" target, users (family, partner...) interested in giving jewelry.  

TAPTAP, through its technological platform Sonata, managed to establish this profile taking into account different user parameters: sociodemographic profile, physical behavior (geolocation in real time) and digital behavior (users' interests based on their digital navigation and applications installed on their mobile). Once the mobile users related to the strategy had been identified, those audiences within a radius of 700 meters around the company’s stores in Madrid and Barcelona were activated. The UNOde50 advertising showed impacted users a map with the most direct route to the store.  

In addition, the strategy was reinforced with an MOOH activation that allowed impacting mobile users who were 100 meters away from the brand's outdoor circuit.  

As a result of the campaign, it was possible to increase traffic to the brand’s points of sale, as well as levels of engagement of mobile users with the ad. The most visited UNOde50 stores were the Vidriera store in Barcelona, and the Fuencarral and El Corte Inglés Preciados stores in Madrid.  

This campaign allowed UNOde50 not only to increase the number of potential customers in stores, but also to know the profile of mobile users interested in the brand. The analysis of the data offered by TAPTAP has become an important source for the company in making future strategic decisions.  

Gemma Díaz, Strategy & Digital Innovation Director of Adcity (Havas Group), stated that “The use of geoaudiences allows us, in a more effective way, to profile and interact with the brand’s target in a contextual way, with localization being the key element in maximizing this interaction and subsequently measure the impact of each medium on business results.”  

For his part, Juan Teulón, Global Director of Marketing & Ecommerce of UNOde50, explains that “In markets such as Spain where brand awareness is higher, the use of the MOOH campaigns as a “booster” of consideration and purchase is essential. In this way we use external advertising more tactically, aligning it with key commercial moments and focusing it on the generation of internal store traffic in times of high conversion rates. The result not only shows a contribution in traffic, but an improvement of the rest of the KPIs of our retail, making the ROI easily measurable, which in this occasion was very positive.”  

Álvaro Rodríguez, Sales Director of TAPTAP, adds that “It’s been a true success story for us to work hand in hand with a specialist such as Adcity, who has understood the client's KPI in a very clear way. Adcity, specialists in OOH, have known how to take technology to the interpretation of the outside world, and we’ve been very scrupulous in the great objective of the advertiser, to measure traffic to the store. This three-way work has shown that the smartphone is the bridge between online and offline activation, and the largest source of data for analyzing the customer's journey.”

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