The Power of Prediction

Predict with precision and unlock advertising success at scale
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CTV Reimagined

Engage enriched audiences with granular precision at broadcast scale with area-based CTV, streamlining a fragmented landscape with a more effective approach


Predict Audience Affinity by Area

Model demographic, behavioural, business and contextual data to find who and where your best customers are and engage them across CTV, DOOH, digital audio, desktop and mobile.

Smarter Advertising Strategies

Sophisticated planning, buying and measurement strategies by area powered by predictive modelling 

Everything happens somewhere

Plan better campaigns through analysing and understanding geographic areas based on your desired audience and objective

Leverage your intelligence

Integrate your business data to help identify areas of high concentration of your next and best customers

Maximise your media

Activate omnichannel campaigns to maximise presence and engagement in priority areas 

Why Taptap

Find audiences but protect privacy

Target areas with highest concentration of audiences that matter to you. Model aggregated and anonymised data sets to identify more high value on-target audiences.

Maximise ROI minimise wastage

More high-value on target audiences with smarter omnichannel campaigns. Make your media work more efficiently and intelligently together delivering greater ROAS.

Custom solutions built for you

From single campaigns to bespoke products created to help you grow your business. We’ve got you covered.

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