TAPTAP & UC3M in the News!

Jun 11, 2020


In May 2020, TAPTAP released a study in collaboration with the University Carlos III of Madrid that used our geospatial technology, Sonata LI, to analyze the evolution of the pandemic in Spain through mobility and other behavioral indicators.   Our engineering team and AI & big data experts at the university applied innovative mathematical models and algorithms to carefully curated location and behavioral data (both first and third party) to develop an engine for hyperlocal mobility analysis that explores:  

  • The vulnerability of each province in Spain according to mobility, population composition and coverage of key points of interest like hospitals, pharmacies and grocery stores
  • The lead time required for mobility policies to take effect and later to influence COVID indicators like cases and hospitalizations
  • Changes in online and offline consumer habits as a result of the pandemic regulations

It was designed to help our community understand what a granular geospatial analysis can tell us about both health and economic indicators throughout Spain.  Since releasing the study, we are very proud to report that the results have been featured in several major publications across the country who have used the data to keep their communities informed.   We want to take a moment to give a shout out to our team of engineers and data scientists as well as our partners at UC3M for their hard work to make this study happen.  We will soon be releasing a part 2 to the original that examines the effects of cross country or region travel on the pandemic as the world begins to cautiously reopen. Please stay tuned!

TAPTAP in the news!


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