New Agency Partner Program

Mar 30, 2022


What is it?

Taptap has launched a new agency partnership program which aims to create a more personalized and strategic approach for key clients. The new program helps agencies build on their expertise in the industry and across the Sonata ecosystem to better service clients according to their unique needs.

4 Pillars

  • Action Drivers: Activation drivers are exactly what they sound like. Customized solutions and tools for the present and future in the Sonata ecosystem designed to propel growth.
  • Innovation: Stay on top of the latest industry trends and challenges as well as the technology designed to address them through workshops and interactive events. Develop and enhance expertise.
  • Services: Hands on training and demos, prioritized support and exclusive access to new features and beta launches.
  • Business: Partners receive special rates or waived fees throughout the entire programmatic value chain.

Key Objectives

Unlock powerful solutions for brands within the Sonata Ecosystem

  • Help your clients stay on top of the issues they need to know in the constantly changing industry through thought leadership, first looks at the newest technology and insights into programmatic media so they can prepare for their future. 
  • Through consultation and strategic partnership with Taptap, identify the solutions or product features in the Sonata stack to help your clients experience growth and achieve their OKRs - regardless of what stage of development they are in. 
  • Access custom platform support, trainings, account deep dives and exclusive rates and services direct from Taptap.

Taptap Solutions

Select the type of solutions based on your clients' goals and development.

  • Standard: Location driven activations that connect online and offline.
  • Advanced: Omnichannel solutions enriched and integrated through Sonata.
  • Custom: Create and analyze Advanced Audiences and brand intelligence through multilevel indexes.
  • Pro: Sonata ONE for brands: connect 1P intelligence to the ad ecosystem through one platform.

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