Location data for Corporate Social Responsibility

July 3, 2020


The need for all organizations (public and private) to behave in a socially responsible manner should be a general requirement in today’s society. Organizations with high ethical standards contribute positively not only to their most immediate stakeholders (end-users/clients, employees and investors) but also to the larger community.    

Critics may argue that socially responsible organizations are motivated by the implicit benefit of brand association with altruism. While this may not be incorrect, I believe it is also true that the benefit of social responsibility trasncends the organization sponsoring it.  Thus, it is positive nonetheless.  

At TAPTAP, we are working constantly to evolve into a large multinational organization that leverages consensual user data for the benefit of its stakeholders. Adhering to increasingly strict data privacy laws is, at minimum, dictated by law, however, when COVID-19 stormed the western world in March of this year, we asked ourselves what more could we do, as a data-driven, data-savvy organization, for the benefit of society as a whole.    

Since data analysis is one of our strengths, we leveraged our Professorship in Artificial Intelligence at the UC3M to quickly shift research toward the study of population mobility prior to, during and after COVID mandated confinement. So far, the study has yielded valuable insights into how we react to confinement measures. For instance, it took 5 days for confinement mandates to take hold in Spanish society, and 13 additional days under strict confinement for COVID-related deaths to flatten. New upcoming research will offer insights into interprovincial and international human mobility that may equip authorities with valuable information in the case of future outbreaks. This information may very well prove valuable to both public health and the recovering economy. Our “two cents” as an organization in the hope of benefitting anyone we can.    

Stay safe,  

Álvaro del Castillo, CEO TAPTAP Digital

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