Mediabridge announces partnership with Taptap Digital to offer location-based omnichannel solutions

Mediabridge, a UK and international OOH planning and buying business announces strategic partnership with Taptap Digital to put location intelligence data and technology at the heart of their OOH planning capabilities.
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London, 27th June 2024

Mediabridge, a UK and international OOH planning and buying business announces strategic partnership with Taptap Digital to put location intelligence data and technology at the heart of their OOH planning capabilities.

Mediabridge are using best-in-class data and technology to deliver area-based marketing to clients worldwide.  Increasingly all channels have a geo-spatial footprint, and with decades of experience in location, the Mediabridge team are now using the Taptap Digital platform to understand who and where their customers are and then have the ability to reach them via OOH (traditional and programmatic) but also mobile, audio and CTV which are all inherently area-based channels.  

After a thorough review of location partners, Mediabridge selected Taptap Digital for its market-leading location intelligence technology, omnichannel solutions and customer service.

“Out of home has always delivered on the power of location. At Mediabridge we push an OOH centric planning approach and apply complimentary ‘location-enabled’ channels to build measurable outcomes for our clients. Taptap Digital’s location intelligence technology and unique approach to data gives us the best possible platform to do this.” said David Payne, Cofounder and CEO, Mediabridge.
“I have known the team at MediaBridge for many years and they are shifting the foundations of traditional ‘out of home’ planning into a much more future-facing geo-intelligence approach across multiple different channels for which location and OOH are key components,” said Nigel Clarkson, Global CRO, Taptap Digital.  “We have enjoyed working with the team to ensure that our data and technology platform is seamlessly woven into their offering to clients for both traditional OOH, programmatic OOH and increasingly other media channels in the geo-planning mix. This partnership will allow them to offer global solutions to their UK and international clients and we are excited to be working with them.”
"Our evolving partnership with Mediabridge, which began in 2020, brings together the combined expertise of two innovators in the ad tech industry," adds Álvaro Mayol, General Manager of Taptap Digital. "This collaboration focuses on the UK market while also seizing worldwide opportunities in sectors like luxury and travel. By leveraging our areas-based omnichannel DSP, we are poised to unlock exciting possibilities in the OOH sector, particularly in DOOH, seamlessly connecting DOOH with other channels like Mobile to drive the creation of cutting-edge solutions and enhance our market presence."

About Taptap Digital

Taptap Digital is an area-based marketing platform, helping brands to discover who and where their ideal customers are and how best to reach them without the need for cookies.

Predictive and real-time modeling of georeferenced data powers smarter audience definition and discovery for better planning, activation and reporting across CTV, DOOH, digital audio, desktop and mobile.

Current clients include global brands like Dyson and LVMH and agencies groups such as GroupM, Dentsu and Publicis. Founded in 2010, Taptap is headquartered in Madrid with offices across the United States, Europe, South America and South Africa.

About Mediabridge

Our mission is to make Out of Home media accessible, transparent and accountable through technology.

Founded in 2020, Mediabridge was born out of a need for an outcomes-first approach to Out of Home media investment.  Leveraging best-in-class data and technology, Mediabridge focuses on deeply integrating outdoor media planning within omnichannel media strategies to build brands and drive tangible results.

At Mediabridge, we work collaboratively and are committed to building successful outcomes for outdoor advertisers by leveraging data and tapping into our extensive experience.



Taptap Digital
June 27, 2024

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