At Taptap, the learning never stops. Taptap works with research partners to uncover new ways to improve our products and technology for our clients and for our community.

Covid-19 Report I

Taptap Digital, in collaboration with the Carlos III University of Madrid, Predicio and Tamoco, has conducted a geospatial analysis to help both institutions and the community analyze different indicators in the context of the COVID19 pandemic.


Covid-19 Report II

This is part II of the study released in May 2020 by Taptap and UC3M that used a hyperlocal multivariable mobility analysis to assess the risk of provinces across Spain based on several factors like population composition and coverage of key points of interest like hospitals.


Q Tag

UC3M releases a study on Q Tag, an independent viewability measurement tool, which measures 19% more ads than the leading commercial option. Q Tag has 25 embedded pixels to capture visibility in display and video formats from all angles. It has been tested in production in collaboration with Taptap.

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