Zeotap integrated with TAPTAP in LATAM, launches new deterministic, high quality data to the continent.

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Nov 29, 2018


  • Zeotap’s deterministic sociodemographic data has been made available, based on actual use of applications in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Brazil.
  • Sonata, the technological platform of TAPTAP, is the first platform offering Zeotap data in LATAM, allowing TAPTAP to provide the advertising sector with a new, much more accurate, audience profiling solution.
  • In TAPTAP, thanks to our own technology, we continue to evolve and improve our processes of analysis, intelligence, and location and audience data processing, in order to design and develop audience profiles and pre-bid intelligence systems that are activated over the digital inventory with a greater degree of specialization and guarantee.
  • Zeotap data gets up to 6 times better results than the market average. Consequently, 50 of the top 100 global brands use the company's data for their digital campaigns.

MADRID, 29 November: The global data platform zeotap has been integrated with Spanish technological company TAPTAP in LATAM, and has launched its deterministic sociodemographic data in the market, based on real application use. Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru are the first countries that through Sonata, TAPTAP’s global digital marketing platform, can access and activate Zeotap segments in their digital campaigns. This new agreement makes Sonata the first platform that offers Zeotap data in LATAM, allowing TAPTAP to provide the advertising sector with a new audience profiling solution, much more accurate and closer to the users' reality, while maintaining their anonymity. And that in a region where for a few years the necessary infrastructure for programmatic purchase and interest from advertisers and publishers continues to grow, and the need for quality data has been gaining importance. Álvaro Mayol, Partner & Chief Product Officer of TAPTAP explains, “The extension of our agreement with Zeotap in LATAM represents a great opportunity to continue offering our clients new and innovative ways of transferring value and guarantees in our strategies focused on profiling, activation and measurement of guaranteed audiences, being able to replicate the large success stories developed in Europe. For the expert and intelligence systems of Sonata, having Zeotap's data is important to combine with proprietary data, a certified data, of deterministic nature, and of high quality to provide even greater guarantees and better results in the preparation and activation of audience profiles throughout the consumer funnel.” Zeotap offers sociodemographic segmentation based on deterministic data with a high On-Target Reach (OTR) by age range, gender, device brand and language or nationality. Advertisers can complement their targeting with interests based on real application usage data. Zeotap has a catalog of more than 10,000 apps that can be accessed from Sonata, both individually and categorized in more than 100 categories of interests, with data updated daily. In this way, Zeotap provides total granularity and transparency for advertisers when creating segments, and ensures optimal results customized to the needs of each campaign.  According to Marc Ginjaume, Country Manager of Zeotap in Spain and LATAM, “It’s a great step to have geographically extended our collaboration with TAPTAP. We’re working side-by-side to replicate the success we’ve had in Spanish and Italian territory, and the market response is still very positive. Together, we’re offering segmentation possibilities with high quality data that wasn’t previously available, and advertisers are experiencing a remarkable improvement in their KPIs that we’ll soon be able to share. LATAM is a continent with enormous potential, and we’re very excited to be able to add value to a market that is showing so much interest in accessing quality data.”About Zeotap  Zeotap is a technological platform that aggregates deterministic sociodemographic data, the use of applications and the purchase intention of large operators and other companies worldwide, making them available to the digital advertising market. Thanks to its scalable quality data, Zeotap ensures campaign performance improvements, and works with 50 of the top 100 global advertisers. Founded in 2014 and based in Berlin, it also has offices in Madrid, Paris, London, Milan, New York, Bangalore and Mumbai. More information: www.zeotap.com. About TAPTAP  TAPTAP, a Spanish multinational founded in 2010 and invested in by the venture capital fund Nauta Capital, is present in southern Europe, South America and North America. TAPTAP created the Sonata platform (DMP & DSP) that provides advertisers and global agencies with mobile-centric strategies for geocontextual segmentation of audiences, activation of dynamic campaigns, and access to global advertising attribution models that include the physical and digital world. For more information go to www.taptapnetworks.com.

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