Wink and TAPTAP’s technology increase MINI’s campaign engagement 7 fold

Case Study
Apr 6, 2017


MINI, along with Wink and TAPTAP’s technology, launch with the MINI Countryman, an all-terrain advertising model that adapt the versatility of this model to the user's context.

  • MINI has achieved a x7 increase in campaign engagement, with respect to typical weekday results. TAPTAP’s technology engages families and young urban clusters interested in leisure and sport that travel on weekends with sequential and contextual mobile tactics

The MINI Countryman mobile advertising campaign, defined by Wink, strategies designed by Ms. Rushmore and enabled by TAPTAP’s global marketing platform Sonata, has established differentiated actions during the week. The campaign has been geo-contextualized in the main cities and has interstitial and sequential video ad strategies. MINI has used TAPTAP´s LQI technology to profile the audience, creating two segments of young urban drivers that leave the city on weekends to fully experience nature in its purest state. The campaign has had an impact with differentiated strategies in the content of the messages to “young people with children”, who enjoy time with family, and those to “restless and active young people”. TAPTAP, with its LQI (Location Quality Index) technology offers advertisers a high accuracy audience profiling, it then allows for sophisticated contextual activation of the campaign in a brand-safe environment, in addition to measuring the physical and digital attribution of each advertising impact. Nacho García, Senior Brand Executive at Wink, explains, “It is vital to adapt the message and format to the different segments of users and their environments to increase interaction with the brand and place ourselves in their top of mind, by engaging in a direct and personalized conversation that offers solutions for their needs” The MINI advertising strategy has managed to generate top-of-mind and prospecting from Monday to Friday, impacting young people that reside in the city and are interested in leisure, sport and adventure. While on weekends, the strategy has focused on retargeting users who received the impression during the week in the cities, thanks to geographic retargeting enabled by TAPTAP’s Sonata platform. The campaign was implemented using sequential strategies with different messages depending on the moment of impact, the context (place and environment) and the user profile. This strategic challenge, developed by Sra. Rushmore, has allowed differentiation of the message at the point of impact on those who remained in the city vs. those who decided to leave. Carles Gómez, creative director of Sra. Rushmore comments, “It’s not often that we can send messages to such concrete audiences on such well-defined occasions. Getting to know the consumer thus makes the strategy much more effective, as it allows us to share something that is truly relevant to each user.”


The MINI Countryman geographic retargeting strategy has resulted in a 7x increase of the ratio of engagement on the weekend, compared to the results achieved during the week. These results are due to accurate audience profiling, the geographic retargeting strategy of the impressions and the use of strategies with sequential content that are adapted to the contextual conditions that surround the user. According to Álvaro Rodríguez, Spain Sales Director of TAPTAP, “The results of the campaign confirm that correct data-driven profiling and use of sequential dynamic creative strategies based on user context are key to maximizing engagement results”. ABOUT TAPTAP Founded in 2010, TAPTAP Networks has developed the Sonata Platform, which through LQI technology (Location Quality Index) offers advanced user profiling and advertising activation in a brand-safe environment, along with physical and digital campaign advertising attribution. TAPTAP, present in 9 markets, works with leading brands and agencies worldwide, providing branding solutions based on data through video channels, outdoor mobile advertising and the mobile medium. For more information contact or go to

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