Welcome to the new reporting dashboard in the Sonata Platform!

Over the past few months, the Taptap team has been hard at work to create a tool that brings immediate and tangible value to all platform users
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The new reporting contains features that make campaign analysis and optimization both faster and more thorough. Just a few of them include:

  • Cumulative reporting for multiple campaign line items & advanced options to easily share
  • Global, daily or hourly campaign progress by new metrics
  • Automatic and highly visual campaign insights with flexible sorting 
  • Cartographic reporting to see data by location (from country all the way to performance by zip code)
  • Visualization of key metrics on new maps

Below, we show you what each feature looks like and highlight the key perks. 

Multiple campaign reporting & easily shareable

Feature Highlights

  • Cumulative reporting for multiple campaigns, with the option to disaggregate as needed 
  • Share a customizable PDF of the reporting 
  • Share a live link to the dashboard

Automatic Graphs: Global, daily or hourly campaign progress by new metrics

Feature Highlights

  • Automatic bar graphs compare two primary values: a campaign metric and a KPI for more accurate analysis
  • Further break down the data by seeing values like impressions, clicks or visits per creative size, supply source, audience demographics and more
  • Data can be shown globally or by day and hour
  • Detailed graphs for other key metrics also available

Automatic and highly visual campaign insights with flexible sorting 

Feature Highlights

  • Insights for key campaign variables like
    • Audiences
    • Creatives
    • Geo
    • And more
  • Compare two metrics in all insight categories for more accurate analysis: a KPI (like CTR) and campaign value (like impressions)

When applicable, see top 5, top 10 or top 50 values with flexible sorting

Cartographic Reporting & New Maps

Feature Highlights

  • View data by cartographic level, or location, even if the campaign was not planned or targeted that way. For example, see impressions, clicks or other metrics by region, city, zip code and more.
    • Cartographic levels vary by campaign and country
  • Visualize and display new metrics or KPIs on maps including CTR, VTR, store visits and others
  • Heat and standard maps also available
  • Customize map appearance and display two maps side by side to compare different metrics

June 30, 2022

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