The premiere of Ant-Man in Colombia leaps from the outer circuit to smartphones (MOOH)

Case Study
Nov 15, 2018


Publicis Groupe and TAPTAP Colombia develop a Mobile Out-of-Home strategy for Cinecolor that enriches the physical impacts of outdoor advertising with digital impacts, allowing users to access more information about film premieres nationwide.  The MOOH strategy for Cinecolor made use of multi-format ads that were geolocated around the brand’s OOH circuit, re-impacting those users that were part of the "Cinema Lovers" cluster with the aim of placing the Ant-Man and the Wasp movie premiere in the user's top of mind.  


 MOOH advertising creates a synchrony between the smartphone and the impacts of outdoor advertising, based on the user's location and context as essential elements to enhance the interaction of brands with their audiences. Sonata analyzes the digital and physical behavior of the user, establishing the traceability of the impact to finally measure the physical attribution to the point of sale.  Sonata, TAPTAP’s Digital Marketing platform, which has its own localization technology, LQI (Location Quality Index), has allowed Cinecolor to impact their qualified audience with dynamic ads in different formats, such as rich media, standard and video, then evaluating which one generates better effectiveness and affinity with the impacted target.  According to Diana Paola Sánchez (Marketing Coordinator of Cinecolor): “Implementing innovative campaigns is always what all marketers are looking for. This was an innovation that, besides being attractive, we were sure would be effective. Finding a way to measure the reach of our outdoor campaigns and also getting our consumers to experience a 360 campaign increases the possibilities of having greater relevance between the advertising they’re exposed to and transforming each impact into a sale.”Catalina González, Country Manager of TAPTAP Colombia, comments: “This opportunity is the perfect case, which in conjunction with Publicis and Cinecolor, gives relevance to the integration of Off and On Media, making the impact of the OOH medium tangible through our SONATA tool. In TAPTAP we constantly innovate to add value to brands, involving all efforts to get to the end user, in order to achieve a successful strategy.”  [embed][/embed]

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