Technology Multinational and Mobile Advertising Leader Taptap Consolidates its Presence in Peru

Taptap has successfully consolidated its presence in the Peruvian advertising industry with the opening of its Lima office
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  • Sonata, Taptap's mobile marketing platform, offers the highest audience profiling accuracy, contextual activation, and measuring of physical/digital attribution in digital advertising campaigns.

Founded in Spain, Taptap is a mobile advertising company that is currently present in nine markets in Europe and the Americas and now it has successfully become a leader of the Peruvian advertising industry thanks to its consolidated presence in Lima, Peru. In the past couple of years, Taptap has successfully assumed its leadership position in the advertising industry of the major Latin American markets. Established in 2010, Taptap has operated based on the fundamental pillars of continuous innovation around its proprietary technology and platform, Sonata, and providing value-added data-driven solutions for top brands and advertisers. Today, Taptap has offices in Spain, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and the United States. The consolidation of the Peruvian market has been spearheaded by José Garreta (formerly Digital Manager at Mindshare), who holds over 10 years of digital advertising market experience, having joined Taptap Peru as Sales Director.

Taptap, through its Sonata marketing platform, offers advertisers advanced audience profiling, sophisticated contextual campaign activation and real-time digital and physical advertising attribution. Its mobile-centric approach and capacity to introduce innovative, creative advancements, and advertising strategies and solutions into the market, have made Sonata the cross-device marketing platform of choice of the world’s major advertisers. Taptap's innovating advertising solutions have enabled major advertisers and media agencies to come to rely on Sonata as a technological and data-driven solutions partner.

According to Daniel Cruz, General Manager of Taptap Peru: “Sonata makes use of location-based information to create more relevant and effective messages, delivered at the precise moment of the purchase process, and with the creativity applicable to that moment. Accurately reaching the right audiences and learn if those who saw your ad visit your shop is a major milestone in advertising. Say goodbye to unaligned KPIs. You can now measure your advertising effectiveness measuring real customer visits and sales”.

Sonata has successfully assumed its position in the international advertising landscape as the global reference in programmatic mobile-centric advertising for premium brands.  It is fully transparent and third-party certified for brand safety and viewability. Also, its (Location Quality Index (LQI) technology, converts it into a one-of-a-kind advertising platform that successfully bridges physical and digital to finally tie marketing and advertising together. The Sonata marketing platform is supported by a combination of the world’s major AdExchanges, local SSPs, and over a dozens of external data partners not limited to MoPub, Rubicon, Flurry, Smaato, Smart AdServer, Inneractive, Axonix, OpenX, DoubleClick, Fyber, and App Nexus.

José Garreta, Sales Director of Taptap Peru, explains: “this is the year of programmatic advertising in Peru and I’m happy to learn that mobile-centric strategies are contributing immensely to the industry. It is the only 24/7 medium, providing continuous data signals that power innovative digital strategies for driving down-the-funnel branding performance and increased brand engagement.”


Founded in 2010 and present in nine markets in Europe and America, Taptap, through its Sonata platform, provides global advertisers and agencies with advanced user profiling, activation of contextual campaigns, and access to global advertising attribution models that include the physical and digital world. For more information, contact, or visit
June 22, 2017

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