Taptap's catalog includes the exclusive Haptter technology, offering customers an attractive way to advertise and share with users

VideoSense by Haptter allows incorporation and synchronization of vibration and touch technology for mobile devices and tablets, with image and sound for videos
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VideoSense by Haptter allows incorporation and synchronization of vibration and touch technology for mobile devices and tablets, with image and sound for videos. The format was developed and registered by GLEEMLABS experts, who under the Haptter® brand, have been researching and developing solutions and new sensory video formats.

VideoSense technology by Haptter combines the sense of touch with the audiovisual format, offering the user an interactive and sensory experience like never before. Haptter technology incorporates the sense of touch to create a perception of movement in the digital world. This sensory dimension can be included in all types of audiovisual content, enjoyed on mobile devices and tablets, and can be integrated and published in advertising networks, websites, social networks, WhatsApp, or email, creating an attractive way to take in and share content. Taptap has integrated the video-sensory technology developed under the Haptter brand of GLEEMLABS into its Sonata platform.

The Taptap team offers its clients and brands an attractive way to communicate and transmit brand value, relying on the latest technological advances and gaining an edge over its competitors.

Vicente Díaz Fuente, C.E.O. and founder of GLEEMLABS, explains, "Haptter is a powerful and innovative audiovisual marketing tool which creates a new generation of advertising campaigns that combine audiovisual and sensory formats. With Haptter you can create mobile advertising campaigns with sensory content and include movement in the ads. This improves the user experience, the reach of the advertisement and the recollection of the brand, creating a unique experience and the need to share it."

87% of users remember the brand a week after seeing the advertisement with Haptter technology, according to reports carried out by GleemLabs, in a new era of marketing where mobile technology becomes an essential tool in the world of the communication. Perfect for the automotive sector, sports or any other type of brand looking to reach the user with quality content. The mobile videos created with Haptter generate an immersive experience in the action for the viewer, creating ambience, sensation of movement and intensity of the action. Taptap and GLEEMLABS join forces to offer advertisers a wide range of possibilities where they can develop their creativity and amaze viewers, transmitting the brand image beyond the screen.


Taptap, an independent company founded in 2010 and invested in by the venture capital fund Nauta Capital, is present in 9 markets in Europe and America. Through its platform, Sonata provides advertisers and global agencies with geo-contextual audience segmentation, dynamic campaign activation and access to global advertising attribution models including the physical and digital world. For more information contact or go to
October 31, 2017

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