Taptap & Zeotap transform the measurement of sociodemographic audiences

Taptap and Zeotap have signed an agreement to include premium and anonymous data into the Sonata platform
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Source: Marketing Directo

  • The Sonata platform, developed by Taptap, is the first Spanish platform that allows advertisers to plan, activate and measure campaigns using real sociodemographic data (age & sex) at the unique device level.

With the agreement among Taptap and Zeotap, Sonata offers advertisers and agencies deterministic data. Sonata now encompasses exact deterministic anonamized data of age and sex by device, allowing Sonata to increment the precision in segmentation of mobile advertising campaigns and the effectivity of the advertising impression. The agreement signed in February 2017 will be available for advertisers and agencies, through Sonata, starting in March 2017.

According to Alvaro del Castillo, Founder and CEO of Taptap: “this agreement with Zeotap establishes an inflexion point in the meaning of Premium. From now on, when an advertising brief contains a specific sociodemo target, for example women 35 to 44 years old, we will be able to provide the maximum guarantee of impacting that segment.  If we add all our current audience geo-profiling capabilities in Sonata, we could say that we are the first ones to do so.”

This new partnership positions Sonata as the first platform that offers real sociodemographic data in Spain, allowing Taptap to deliver a new audience segmentation solution for advertisers, much more precise and close to the reality of users, while maintaining the anonymity of the data. The constant increase in media purchasing through programmatic platforms has increased the need of quality data, in order to allow branding advertisers to impact users in a meaningful manner. In fact, Taptap through the use of the Zeotap's premium data, brings to the Spanish market the highest standard of audience profiling, with the capacity to segment by age range, sex (women/men) o device precisely.

As Daniel Heer, Founder & CEO of Zeotap, states: “We are very excited with our collaboration with Taptap.  We have chosen to work with them due to their leadership position in the Spanish mobile programmatic advertising space.  Together, we will apply high quality deterministic data to allow brands and their agencies reach incremental results in their mobile branding campaigns.  Thanks to the deterministic data, we will deliver very high levels of “On Target Reach” and a more efficient advertising spending.”


Founded in 2010, TAPTAP Networks is an independent VC-backed mobile marketing technology company serving brands in over 80 markets through the Sonata Platform. Contact for more information.
Founded in 2014, Zeotap is a technology company that facilitates access to deterministic data at large scales, improving the decision making process in several industries, including mobile advertising.  Zeotap has agreements with the main telco operators and large corporations worldwide.  It enforces the highest security and privacy controls with regards to user data at the core of its solution.  Zeotap currently has offices in Berlín, New York, Bangalore, Milan and Madrid. Contact or for more information.
March 1, 2017

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