Taptap Digital advertisers can now measure Sonata Location Intelligence solutions with Nielsen Digital Brand Effect studies

Taptap Digital, a global omnichannel advertising and marketing intelligence company, now offers Digital Brand Effect (DBE) studies by Nielsen, a longstanding leader in actionable audience insights, data and analytics, for its solutions powered by Sonata Location Intelligence (Sonata LI), Taptap’s geospatial analytics platform
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The addition of DBE to the Sonata platform gives advertisers and agencies the ability to employ a trusted and tested measurement tool for new-to-market solutions to better understand how they impact audience perception and intention. Unlike traditional datasets in the ad tech ecosystem, geospatial intelligence helps us gain a much deeper and more thorough understanding of our audiences and their contexts as well as the ability to plan more coherent cross channel and cross environment (online and offline) campaigns, while protecting privacy. 

Sonata LI platform users now have the option to use third party measurement to analyze the combined impact of online and offline campaigns planned and launched through OOH True Reach, Digital Retargeting and Extended Reach solutions. OOH True Reach helps advertisers plan OOH efficiently by analyzing the scope and affinity of OOH placements and measuring the on-target reach of the planned campaign. This analysis can be used to activate Digital Retargeting - showing digital ads to users exposed to OOH, or Extended Reach - capturing untapped audiences by showing ads to users in your target without OOH coverage.

Nielsen DBE measures the extent to which advertising has shifted consumer perception against the campaign’s primary objectives like awareness, attitudes, favorability, intent or preference (1). The methodology uses custom online surveys with control groups (those who saw ads versus those who did not) to calculate lift in brand awareness or intent to purchase, driven by the campaign. 

As a result, advertisers can now

  • Analyze the impact of the combination of online campaigns & OOH to understand omnichannel performance
  • Refine their media mix by finding the optimal coverage and frequency per media channel to maximize brand recognition or purchase intent
  • Evaluate how Sonata LI, a new, privacy safe and open data ecosystem, affects campaign outcomes

Sonata LI aggregates and normalizes hundreds of diverse data sources at a geographic level, or, over a map. If an event or a data point is tied to a location, it can be mapped and made actionable. Data includes points of interest like businesses and OOH placements as well as behavior, media saturation and population mobility. Advertisers can also onboard first party data for a custom analysis. Since all data is aggregated, user privacy is entirely protected - we are not looking at individuals, but rather, group activity and context. 

By generating even more visibility, DBE will help brands understand how the Sonata stack ties in location intelligence for planning, activation and measurement in a single ecosystem and its relationship to better performance. Nielsen DBE has launched in the Spanish market with a few key clients, and will soon expand to offices around the globe. If you are interested in leveraging DBE with Sonata LI planning solutions, contact your local office or

(1) Nielsen
October 27, 2021

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