Sonata M.O.R.E. machine learning optimization - better results from the first impression

July 19, 2021


In an already fiercely competitive ad tech marketplace, what sets one platform apart from another? The right technology that provides better performance, leading to more efficiencies and sales, for your brand.

Sonata M.O.R.E., available in the Sonata omnichannel DSP, is a pre-bid campaign optimization engine that uses predictive machine learning and AI for faster and better results across all KPIs ranging from branding to foot traffic. How much better?

Sonata M.O.R.E. learns from billions of data points from historical and active campaigns in key verticals to identify the best impressions for your KPI in real time. Other key differentiators?

  • No ramp up time - starts optimizing from impression one for zero spend waste and models improve over time
  • A highly variable dataset that includes audience, contextual and campaign inputs (like formats and inventory)
  • Transparent pricing and reduced costs per KPI

Setting up Sonata M.O.R.E. in the DSP

Taptap conducted a series of A/B testing to put Sonata M.O.R.E. to the test. Hundreds of campaigns and millions of impressions were tested during a time frame of one month. See the results in the following case studies.

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