New possibilities for OOH/DOOH

November 5, 2020


At TAPTAP, we are constantly working to build solutions that help our clients leverage innovative technology and data analysis as they pursue efficiency and performance in not only online advertising but also offline activations - especially as media grows increasingly omnichannel. In the name of this pursuit, TAPTAP has launched a new OOH solution called OOH True Reach. OOH True Reach uses our geospatial intelligence technology to:

  1. Measure the on-target or “true reach” of OOH campaigns
  2. Extend the reach of those campaigns and to optimize your omnichannel media mix

THE OOH CHALLENGE OOH is a powerful medium but comes with its own set of challenges. It is typically based on stale data without much depth which presents a problem as consumers are dynamic, cross channel and multidimensional.   Further, the capacity for planning, analysis and optimization - especially based on data - of OOH activations is limited. As a result, when measuring an OOH campaign it is difficult to:

  1. Know if you are reaching your target audience
  2. Quantify your reach and volume of exposed audiences

THE SOLUTION OOH True Reach helps us overcome these limitations by applying geospatial intelligence in real time. By aggregating high quality data from diverse online and offline sources at the geographic level, and crossing this data with your OOH circuit, we can measure the True Reach of your OOH campaign and provide insights into the audience, geo and digital affinity of the area covered by the campaign.


OOH True Reach also gives users the option to use these tools to identify areas where your target audience exists, but your OOH does not reach, to activate a digital campaign based on the qualitative analysis. This can include for example, top formats or ad saturation in these areas.


TRUE REACH TAKEAWAYS OOH True Reach provides greater visibility, efficiency and measurement, as well as a method to truly integrate your media mix and create omnichannel activations that bridge the online-offline gap. The solution represents a major milestone towards the digitalization of and application of data to OOH campaigns. OOH TRUE REACH IS:


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