Movistar Plus+, Havas Media, and Taptap Digital launch the first omnichannel campaign on new digital screens in Metro de Madrid in partnership with JCDecaux

Movistar Plus+ launches a new campaign to promote its sports and entertainment content with Havas Media. Utilizing a media-first activation that targeted Metro de Madrid audiences within an omnichannel programmatic strategy in partnership with Taptap Digital and JCDecaux.
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23rd February 2024 - Madrid

  • The campaign showcases market-leading content available on Movistar Plus+, a major OTT provider in Spain, across several digital channels, with a focus on the newly launched DOOH formats as the campaign cornerstone.
  • By leveraging unique data, technology, and programmatic buying through Taptap Digital, Havas Media engaged key audiences passionate in sports and entertainment. 
  • The campaign, beginning with the promotion of the return of Movistar Plus+'s original series 'El Inmortal,' coincided with the reopening of Madrid's emblematic Sol station. This station, with over 1.3 million weekly journeys, showcased JCDecaux’s new digital and immersive DOOH formats.

Movistar Plus+ launched a new campaign to promote its sports and entertainment content with Havas Media (part of Havas Media Network), utilizing a media-first activation that targeted Madrid Metro audiences within an omnichannel programmatic strategy. The campaign, which began by announcing the return of the original series 'El Inmortal,’ exclusively launched with the reopening of the new Sol station, one of the key stations in the transportation network with over 1.3 million weekly journeys, where JCDecaux's digital and immersive DOOH formats take center stage.

The campaign activation is still live, now promoting other Movistar Plus+ entertainment and sports content such as the movie 'Saben Aquel', the documentary 'A Day in New York with Woody Allen' and LALIGA EA SPORTS matches like Valencia C.F vs Real Madrid.

“At Movistar Plus+, we are committed to promoting creativity and we love challenges. Now, the platform is accessible to everyone, regardless of your internet service provider, something we appreciate and which compels us to be more demanding not only with content, but also in our efforts to connect with the fans of our shows, movies and sports,” said Purificación González, CMO of Movistar Plus+.

A media strategy based on 3 pillars

With the aim of maximizing on-target reach and generating awareness, the media strategy combines rich audiences, innovative formats and immersive spaces to drive maximum brand recall through optimizing activation and improving the user experience.

The omnichannel campaign includes multiple new DOOH formats within Metro de Madrid along with new measurement systems from JCDecaux that allowed for the identification and measurement of real audience volumes, and the ability to re-impact them through CTV, video, and display. In this way, the campaign connects the different audiences with the most suitable digital channel within a single targeting and location strategy, that maximizes impact and fosters recall through the use of immersive spaces and brand storytelling.

Thanks to the use of proprietary geo-audience algorithms and mobility patterns developed by Local MX and its Location Intelligence technology, owned by Havas Market (Havas Media Network), the campaign was able to leverage a more intelligent way to plan digital media based on audience characteristics and real context (the moment and location of the impression).

“At Havas Media, we are excited to collaborate with brands like Movistar Plus+ that pursue innovation and leverage various media channels to communicate. In an ever-evolving environment, adaptability and agility are essential for the success and effectiveness of campaigns." said Beatriz Lapastora, Business Managing Partner at Havas Media

Building on this strategy of customizing campaigns in pursuit of enhanced efficiency, the campaign leverages Taptap technology to dynamically adjust creatives across all media channels based on the most relevant audience segment. Targeting sports and entertainment enthusiasts, the creatives automatically shift in real time to match activity - showing sports themes during peak sports engagement and entertainment themes when those audiences are most active, ensuring maximum relevance.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Movistar Plus+, Havas Media, and JCDecaux on the first omnichannel campaign to include Madrid Metro's new DOOH advertising offering. By harnessing data and dynamic creative messages activated by contextual change, we’re efficiently engaging the Movistar Plus+ audience while respecting their privacy," says Álvaro Rodríguez, VP Sales Iberia at Taptap.

This approach and collaboration establishes a new way of understanding and executing omnichannel advertising campaigns, demonstrating the commitment to innovation and leadership of Movistar Plus+, Havas Media, Taptap Digital and JCDecaux.

About Movistar Plus+

Movistar Plus+ is the audiovisual entertainment offering from the Telefónica group, a leader in Spain. Our proposition includes bold original productions and the best premium content in sports, movies, series, documentaries and programs, complemented by top-notch features and on-demand access, allowing users to enjoy television wherever, whenever, and however they want. Additionally, we integrate the offerings of international operators with whom we are strategic partners in Spain, such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, SkyShowtime, Warner Bros. Discovery, and DAZN, as well as national platforms like ATRESPlayer, Mitele, and FlixOlé.

With the aim of strengthening our leadership and accelerating our position as the integrator of the best entertainment experience in the market, we focus on strategic alliances with the most relevant partners in the sector, personalized experiences, and original, exclusive content that reinforces our differentiation. Series like "Antidisturbios," "Hierro," "Arde Madrid," "Apagón," "La Mesías," "Modelo 77," "La Resistencia," are clear examples of this.

About Havas Media

At Havas Media, we create the most relevant connections between brands and consumers, positively impacting our clients' businesses. Named the most attractive agency to work for by industry professionals in the latest edition of Scopen's Best Agency to Work for 2022, we remain true to our values ​​and have a clear purpose: to safeguard the value of people's attention. In an environment of continuous transformation and an increasingly complex communication context, human attention is the most valuable asset.

Havas Media is part of one of the most relevant communication groups globally, Havas. With an international network spanning over 140 markets, serving 1,000 clients worldwide, and boasting a team of 5,000 professionals.

About Taptap Digital

Taptap Digital is an area-based marketing platform, helping brands to discover who and where their ideal customers are and how best to reach them without the need for cookies. Predictive and real-time modelling of georeferenced data powers smarter audience definition and discovery for better planning, activation and reporting across CTV, DOOH, digital audio, desktop and mobile.

Current clients include global brands like Coca Cola, Dyson and LVMH and agencies groups such as GroupM, Dentsu and Publicis. Founded in 2010, Taptap is headquartered in Madrid with offices across the United States, Europe, South America and South Africa. To learn more, visit

About JCDecaux

Present in more than 80 countries, JCDecaux is the only company in the world that operates exclusively in the outdoor advertising sector and develops all its activities: urban furniture, advertising in transportation, and large format. As a sustainable communication medium in contact with over 850 million people every day and faithful to its mission of improving the quality of life for all citizens, JCDecaux enhances and promotes responsible, functional, aesthetic, and quality outdoor advertising. Since 2023, JCDecaux has been an official partner of the United Nations Joint Fund for the SDGs and supports the Sustainable Development Goals throughout its group.

February 26, 2024

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