Mindshare and TAPTAP develop a new mobile out-of-home (MOOH) experience for Universal Pictures

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Mar 21, 2017


  • Mindshare and TAPTAP have developed a strategy to enrich the physical impact of external advertising with digital elements, allowing users to access more information on film premieres, for Universal Pictures.
  • The MOOH strategy will use creative Universal Pictures pre-roll videos that in turn geolocalize to the brand’s OOH circuit, putting the relevant film premiere at the top of cinephiles’ minds.

Mindshare and TAPTAP have created a strategy to enrich the physical impact of external advertising with digital elements for Universal Pictures. As a result, Universal Pictures can expand its audience for mobile OOH campaigns, providing additional content to traditional static external advertising. The MOOH strategy, in use for Universal Pictures throughout 2017, replicates the impact of advertising and in turn geolocalizes it to the brand’s OOH circuit. MOOH advertising is based on synchronization between the smartphone and the impact of OOH, starting with the user’s location and context as essential elements to maximize the interaction between brands and their audiences. TAPTAP Networks, by means of Sonata, its global marketing platform, and Location Quality Index (LQI) technology, has developed MOOH, a new solution that supplements the physical impact of external advertising. LQI technology enables the Sonata platform to certify the quality of geographic data to thus offer the highest precision in audience profiling, contextual activation, and the measurement of physical and digital attribution in digital advertising campaigns. The Sonata platform, developed by TAPTAP, provides Universal Pictures with a qualified audience that is influenced by creative and dynamic pre-roll videos. Engagement noticeably increases when geo-profiled users are targeted within a 50-meter radius of a specific external advertising circuit location. In addition, dynamic video formats enable users to access unpublished content depending on their physical context (location and weather), noticeably increasing user interaction relative to creativity. According to Isaac González Riesgo, Media, Research, and Promotions Manager at Universal Pictures International Spain, “The use of MOOH technology enables us to expand the impact and efficiency of our multimedia campaigns through the use of enriched dynamic formats combined with audiences qualified to offer us this type of microsegmentation.” According to Álvaro del Castillo, TAPTAP founder and CEO, “Thanks to the implementation of an MOOH strategy, the user can digitally interact with the brand beyond the impact of physical advertising, accessing additional content to maximize brand remembrance and the ROI for the advertiser’s external advertising actions .” Founded in 2010, TAPTAP Networks has developed the Sonata Platform which through LQI (Location Quality Index) technology offers sophisticated user profiling, campaign activation and attribution. TAPTAP, present in 9 markets works with major brands and agencies globally providing data-driven branding solutions through video, mobile out-of-home and mobile rich media channels. Contact marketing@taptapnetworks.com for more information.

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