Leverage the impact and engagement of social media formats across programmatic display -the best of both worlds

Existing social media posts and assets can be used, no need to create anything new unless you want to
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The Social Extension channel in the Sonata DSP lets you serve your social media creatives and promoted content on inventory outside of social media platforms. It is like serving an Instagram post on web or app inventory from top ad exchanges. Existing social media posts and assets can be used, no need to create anything new unless you want to.


Social extension brings the best parts of social media - high engagement rates and visual formats - to the Sonata ecosystem. Here, we highlight some key benefits.

Omnichannel Efficiency

Programmatic ad exchanges reach over 90% of all users on the internet and inventory is usually less pricey than social networks. The result is cost efficient social formats with extensive reach and engagement. In addition, display environments allow for more creativity and flexibility for both remarketing strategies and integrated omnichannel campaigns.

Enriched Activation

Access data not available in social networks but keep familiar social formats.  

  • Audiences. Sonata helps advertisers reach their high value audiences by including unique variables that connect online and offline behavior. Inputs like location and visit history, campaign interaction and intent signals help us understand the user in ways that social alone cannot.
  • Context. Like audiences, Sonata also brings contextual relevance to social. Aligning the ad to the context makes impressions more efficient and more successful. For example, is the user at home or on the go? Is he near your store or far away? Is your store even open when the impression is served? Context affects results.

Open Web

Generate and measure full funnel campaign results beyond social media environments from real reach to drive to store and understand how you got them. Sonata Social Extension is also compatible with any third party tracking or measurement partner to ensure quality and transparency.




Capture consumer attention with familiar social formats, but drive them to your online retailer or nearest store location.

  • Contexts: High Store Proximity (drive to store), At Home (ecommerce)


Reach users who have seen your OOH campaigns, but need a way to actively engage with your brand and scroll through your products or offers.

  • Contexts: OOH Exposed, On The Go

Technology: Video Streaming

Generate awareness and interest for new content or drive platform signups with social video.

  • Contexts: No Campaign Exposure (prospecting), Peak Viewing Hours


To understand how Social Extension can complement your omnichannel strategy across any vertical, get in touch.

March 11, 2021

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