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Madrid, February 2023 - Taptap Digital, the leading multinational programmatic ad tech powered by geospatial intelligence, launches attribution measurement for digital out of home campaigns (DOOH) to support their already robust DOOH solution used by global brands like Dior, Adidas, Dyson and Samsung. With this technology, advertisers and agencies will be able to measure store visits driven by their out of home campaigns to better understand the impact of this channel.

Taptap has designed a methodology that achieves more scale and higher accuracy than the standard solution as it is based in its geospatial intelligence technology, and does not rely purely on individual data. Because screens in the Sonata platform can be strategically grouped according to their affinity to a particular audience or contextual target and as such, have custom campaign settings (like budget, pacing and creative), DOOH advertisers will be able to see how different screen strategies affect overall store visits.

Attributing performance to any media channel is a challenge, especially as we increasingly lose individual identifiers, but for one to many mediums like DOOH, this challenge magnifies as we no longer have one impression per person. This is precisely the problem Taptap’s solution aims to solve. Traditional methodologies that rely entirely on counting the IDs that have seen campaigns and then headed to stores cannot capture the entire audience (or every person) who saw the campaign and visited a store. The market penetration of these providers, usually via an SDK in mobile apps, is neither expansive nor diverse enough.

Tracking visits driven to stores with multiple attribution zones (in red) from high and medium affinity screens (blue and yellow respectively) in London

Given this reality, the company’s solution takes the best of both worlds and uses predictive models based on deterministic data and supplemented by geospatial data inputs. As the power of any model lies in the strength of the data that feeds it, these models capture inputs that directly influence campaign exposure and store visits, including population mobility, point of interest and screen analysis, the traditional coverage curve of outdoor campaigns among many others. The Sonata platform uniquely fuses these and other data sources to measure store visits, achieving scale and protecting privacy by design.

When it comes to reporting on visits and analyzing campaign performance, Taptap’s dashboard digs deeper by mapping stores, screens, visits and other metrics to instantly show results that don’t require users to create graphs or download CSVs to uncover insights. 

Alvaro Mayol, Partner and Chief Product & Technology Officer says, “our DOOH attribution will give advertisers results they can rely on and scale. Our product team has built a model designed exclusively for DOOH campaigns, pulling in relevant contextual data sets and DOOH variables like the bid multiplier. We are excited to introduce this measurement tool to our programmatic DOOH solution which is truly unique on the market. In this way, our partners and clients can not only measure the impact of their one to one campaigns, but their full omnichannel efforts, which include DOOH more and more.” 

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February 15, 2023

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