Beefeater achieves video immersion with mobile users together with Mediacom and TAPTAP.

Case Study
Mar 7, 2017


Source: Interactiva

  • Mediacom’s strategy in tandem with TAPTAP’s data-driven Sonata platform, has enabled deep video immersion for Beefeater.
  • Beefeater has established a customized cluster with TAPTAP technology, identifying users akin to the brand, for providing them a unique video immersion experience.

Beefeater, in tandem with Mediacom and TAPTAP Networks, presented the mobile advertising strategy of its new BeefeaterXO ad campaign with the well-known spaniard chef Dabiz Muñoz as a host. Mediacom through TAPTAP’s global mobile marketing platform Sonata, has developed a new cross-device digital strategy based on four basic pillars: mobile, native 360 video, precise audience data and social. The Beefeater mobile advertising campaign runs in distinct phases between January and April 2017. The main objective is to provide users with a video immersion experience triggering interest and expectation in BeefeaterXO. Using this groundbreaking advertising strategy, which reinforces the combination of different media, the brand has spread and brought the immersion experience strategy to the end-users.


The first ad strategy phase that released a video creative, has been focused on achieving coverage and attracting new users. The mobile users ID’s, obtained through the Sonata technology, allow Beefeater to measure and analyse results based on users engagement with the creative. The engagement data will be filtered progressively to retarget users who have watched the video in order to increase and create cluster audience affinities with the brand. Sonata gives Beefeater personalized clusters based on brand affinity in order to target each campaign correctly. Beefeater’s second objective is to achieve high engagement results in users akin to the brand. For that reason, a 360º video ad format has been used, in order to let users “live” in their mobiles a truly video immersion experience. Sonata’s 360º video places users virtually inside the video format, allowing them to experience first-hand the video as if they were inside it.


Furthermore, and going a step further, Sonata bridges physical and digital by syncing outdoor advertising data performed for the campaign. Together, the combined use of data under the Sonata platform increases the targeting precision in the download phase of Beefeater mobile applications. The strategic mobile solution offered by Mediacom and TAPTAP’s Sonata technology, allows Beefeater to develop data-driven advertising strategies which are customized to build and identify brand loyalists while maximizing user engagement through a first-person immersive video experience. Founded in 2010, TAPTAP Networks has developed the Sonata Platform, which offers video, mobile out-of-home and mobile rich media advanced branding solutions. TAPTAP present in 9 markets works with major brands and agencies globally. Contact for more information.

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