TAPTAP UK is open for business!

Apr 2, 2020


TAPTAP Digital is now up and running in the United Kingdom. We are fortunate to have continued our expansion in these tough and unpredictable times due to tireless efforts of our team and partners.  

We make it a priority to meet the dynamic needs of every unique market and the UK is no exception. Where programmatic buying - driven by video and mobile advertising - is paramount, and connecting the online and offline experiences are key to building effective omnichannel strategies, our location-powered platform will provide the critical context needed for these initiatives.  

During April and May, TAPTAP has launched UK campaigns with pharmaceutical and technology advertisers that leverage premium audience building driven by location intelligence.  

As footfall patterns and online behavior continue to evolve and shape communication needs, the Sonata Platform (accessible via self service or fully managed accounts) and the data integrations it enables will facilitate curated conversations with the right audiences in their most receptive moments.  

Full steam ahead with much enthusiasm and great work!

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