New agreement reached between TAPTAP & AppNexus

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May 11, 2017


  • TAPTAP and AppNexus have reached an agreement for the integration of premium display and video advertising inventory on the Sonata platform.
  • The Sonata platform, developed by TAPTAP, is the first platform which allows advertisers to plan, activate and measure physical and digital attribution of campaigns in real time.

Through the agreement reached between TAPTAP and AppNexus, Sonata, the global marketing platform developed by TAPTAP, adds AppNexus’ as the new source of premium advertising inventory. Sonata had a number of major ad exchanges such as MoPub, Rubicon, Flurry, Smaato, Smart AdServer, Inneractive, Axonix, OpenX, DoubleClick and Fyber among many other regional SSPs. AppNexus provides Sonata with global premium advertising impressions in video and display formats, connecting advertisers and agencies with billions of advertising impressions available in real time. Remi Boudard, Head of Sales for Spain at AppNexus explains “The global digital market has been facing fragmentation problems and inventory quality concerns. From AppNexus Spain we have managed to create a scalable and independent Marketplace, especially thanks to a direct and transparent relationship with the most premium content creators. At the same time, we want to connect these publishers with the main multichannel buyers. The partnership with TAPTAP was obvious since they have been pioneers in programmatic buying, a sales channel poised to grow even more.” The integration of large ad exchanges together with third party prebid and postbid viewability certifiers allows Sonata to offer advertisers the possibility of creating quality digital advertising campaigns. According to Álvaro del Castillo, Founder and CEO of TAPTAP, “AppNexus is a major supplier of inventory globally that together with the viewability and brand safety pre bid certification that Sonata provides gives us a much larger pool of premium inventory to fish from.” About TAPTAP: Founded in 2010 and now present in 9 markets throughout Europe and the Americas TAPTAP, through its Sonata Platform, provides global advertisers and agencies sophisticated user profiling, contextual campaign activation and global attribution models that seamlessly work in a mobile-first world. Contact or access to for more information. About AppNexus: AppNexus is a technology company that provides business solutions and serves to boost online advertising markets. Its open, unified and robust platform makes it possible for customers to buy and sell media content more efficiently that allows them to innovate, differentiate and transform their businesses. As an independent worldwide leader in technology, AppNexus is led by pioneers of original internet Ad exchanges. With its headquarters based in New York City and 23 distinct offices worldwide, AppNexus accounts for more than 1000 of the most prominent minds in advertising and technology. For more information, visit our website

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