Already more than 100 advertising professionals have participated in TAPTAP’s TAP2Academy.

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Jun 20, 2017


  • TAPTAP’s initiative brings with great success a series of laid-back courses aimed at small groups of advertising professionals from agencies and advertisers showing the technological innovations of the programmatic advertising sector and the new opportunities posed by innovative mobile-centric data strategies.
  • The great reception the courses has allowed more than 100 professionals from the advertising sector to participate in TAP2Academy to date.
  • The practical course shows the changes in the advertising ecosystem due to technological innovation, analyzing real success cases achieved through TAPTAP’s Sonata mobile-centric marketing platform.

What is deterministic data? How Does an Mobile Out Of Home campaign work? The constant evolution of the digital medium as an advertising format, together with the need for professionals in the sector to access new advertising solutions, have led to TAPTAP creating TAP2Academy, the training course that answers key questions from the digital programmatic environment, analyzing data strategies and innovative solutions for a mobile-first world.  Noelia Posada, Digital Account Manager of Dentsu Aegis Carat says: "Tap2Academy has proved to be a very good initiative, as it not only allows offsets to be equipped with knowledge and proximity to the digital world, but it also serves to reinforce and extend the knowledge of digital equipment. It is a very productive session because it allows us to be at the forefront of the possible applications of the mobile world to the on and off strategies of our clients and to be able to offer them the most optimal solutions for their campaigns. In addition, the relaxed atmosphere makes the session very enjoyable and people are comfortable when it comes to asking questions or talking about day-to-day situations with customers".  The Sonata technological platform is presented in a training session with a relaxed and dynamic environment, in which attendees review successful campaigns managed via Sonata and participate in a game to evaluate the knowledge acquired. Due to the great reception of the course, more than 100 professionals from the advertising sector have already been part of the TAP2Academy.  According to Álvaro Rodríguez, TAPTAP’s Spain Sales Director: "We are very proud to have been able to welcome more than 100 professionals so far from the sector to our offices in Madrid and to have gotten such a great reception. Mobile-centric strategies leverage mobile data signals to connect the digital and physical worlds.  Showcasing cutting-edge media technology and training professionals with a desire to learn and innovate is very rewarding".Constant technological innovation in the digital media environment offers advertisers and agencies a wide range of advertising solutions that measure and certify campaign results. In this way, mobile campaigns are able to place brands at the forefront of users’ minds, boost traffic to the point of sale, or even complement the impact of other advertising media, such as outdoor media.  Álvaro Mayol, Partner and CTO of TAPTAP explains: "In order to provide agencies and advertisers with the best quality ad impressions, Sonata, a mobile DSP/DMP, integrally developed by TAPTAP Networks, works very actively in the rigorous verification and validation of the available inventory. Our platform executes the “pre-bid” evaluation of every single impression and the veracity of every single interaction, as well as the later analysis post-campaign using systems and models that are designed and engineered 100% by our tech and engineering team. So as to provide the best results possible, our product applies machine learning mechanisms, the analysis and implementation of predictive models and human verification. It is also complemented with additional third party certifiers that add robustness and extra certification to this procedures. We are the owners and developers of our own platform which allows us to have a greater control and knowledge of all the different measurement techniques, the understanding of the code behind it and the engineering applied. This allows us to offer contrasted guarantees in terms of quality and safety to our clients".  About TAPTAP: Founded in 2010 and present in nine markets in Europe and America, TAPTAP, through its Sonata platform, provides global advertisers and agencies with advanced user profiling, activation of contextual campaigns, and access to global advertising attribution models that include the physical and digital world. For more information, contact or visit

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