Mercedes-Benz, along with LatinBrands and TAPTAP, develop the first 360º Geo Mobile experience for the automobile company.

Case Study
Oct 5, 2017


  • TAPTAP, the leading technological multinational in digital advertising, conjointly with LatinBrands, presents the new Mercedes-Benz Class A Sport Edition.
  • The mobile-centric strategy draws from an innovative, creative format that allows you to live the experience of sitting at the controls of the new Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Edition A200.

LatinBrands has joined forces with TAPTAP to develop this new advertising strategy for Mercedes-Benz. The strategy, carried out on Sonata, TAPTAP’s advertising platform and its LQI (Location Quality Index) technology, provides certified geo-profiled audience clusters. Based on the unique identifiers of the mobile users, Sonata measures and analyzes the visualization and interaction results of the users with the 360º creative format. Sonata progressively works on the affinity of the audience to provide a custom cluster to ensure the correct campaign targeting. Along these lines, the campaign has succeeded in impacting geo-profiled mobile users in Lima, Peru, taking into account the stage of the purchase they were in, maximizing impact efficiency and increasing brand engagement ratios with users.Djanira Berckemeyer, Marketing Account Manager - Automobiles, states, “The creative solution implemented by Mercedes-Benz has been the innovator in 360º rich media, which places the user at the center of creativity, showing them a part of a panorama, and allowing them to discover the rest of it with just a turn of their device. The 360º advertising piece, used for the first time by an advertiser in Peru, allows the user to live a unique virtual experience on their mobile. TAPTAP is the only technological partner that offers advertisers the mobile advertising image format and 360º video in both mobile and native applications (iOS and Android) in the market. In addition, the creative part is able to activate audiences and boost user traffic to dealerships including a "Tap to lead" interaction to request a test drive of the vehicle.”  


Miguel Bulnes, Director of Planning and Innovation at LatinBrands, explains that “The precise and exact location only offered by Sonata LQI, certifies the quality of the hyper-local data, allowing the management of the results obtained from a single platform. With this mobile-centric strategy, Mercedes-Benz has managed to go a step further in measuring the physical and digital return of the campaign. In relation to the results of the campaign, the engagement of the piece reached interaction ratios of more than 2% on average, and engagement times greater than 1 minute in 67% of the audience reached. The physical attribution strategy has made it possible to measure the actual user foot traffic of those who had been previously impacted by the campaign to Divemotor Mercedes dealers.José Garreta, Sales Director of TAPTAP Peru, explains that “TAPTAP's Sonata technology allowed us to create several strategic lines (both physical and digital), impacting the awareness stage with the innovative 360º format. In this way we generated the engagement that the campaign needed, turning it into registrations and visitsto the Mercedes-Benz dealership. Nowadays, for advertisers it is indispensable to achieve innovation in the saturated world of advertising.” ABOUT TAPTAP: TAPTAP, an independent company founded in 2010 and invested in by the venture capital fund Nauta Capital, is present in 9 markets in Europe and America. Through its platform, Sonata, provides advertisers and global agencies with geo-contextual audience segmentation, dynamic campaign activation and access to global advertising attribution models including the physical and digital world. For more information contact or go to

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