Introducing Sonata M.O.R.E. The artificial intelligence optimization engine from TAPTAP Digital

Oct 31, 2019


As advertising becomes more sophisticated and audience attention increasingly scarce, data has emerged as an integral part of any successful outcome, however, as the volume of available data grows in size and complexity, it becomes harder to manage and leverage.  

In programmatic omnichannel media buying, where the alternatives are seemingly endless and decisions must be made in real time, opportunities inevitably go missed and media dollars lost without technology. That is why TAPTAP Digital has launched Sonata M.O.R.E. The Multivariable Machine Learning Optimization & Recommendation Engine.  

Sonata M.O.R.E. employs artificial intelligence to optimize campaigns in real time and its models are built on KPIs ranging from branding to foot traffic. It learns from active and historical data to understand which impressions are most likely to result in the KPI before bidding. The size and nature of our multivariable data sets differentiate Sonata M.O.R.E. because they include contextual signals derived from mobile devices like location and physical behavior as well as digital variables like formats or navigation. All data is filtered and verified for accuracy.  

Consistent with our Zero Waste core value, Sonata M.O.R.E. bids for only the most effective impressions at the optimal price for improved performance. Likewise, while Sonata M.O.R.E. improves as campaigns generate more data, it starts optimizing from day one which eliminates typical wasted ad spend that occurs as models ramp up.    

Initial campaigns for one of the leading video on demand platforms achieved over 90% video view through and viewability rates - far exceeding 70% KPI targets. Fully managed and self service clients can buy Sonata M.O.R.E. through a separate fee that supports full transparency buying. Let artificial intelligence do the work for you for better and faster results.  


Artificial intelligence reduces costs per KPIs.

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