Heinz “brings us to the garden”, and OMD and TAPTAP put it in the smartphone.

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May 16, 2017


  • For the new Heinz campaign, OMD and TAPTAP are creating a rich media creative concept that enhances the user’s engagement with the creative piece.
  • The use of the mobile medium to enhance the interaction of the brand with the user encourages a positive reading of the advertiser's message.

Heinz's advertising strategy “Grow your seeds”, takes part on Heinz’s campaign “Grow Your Own”, whose main objective is to reinforce the message that Heinz TK has been made with natural ingredients. The campaign starts with Shackleton's creative concept, together with OMD's commitment to including mobile in the media mix using TAPTAP’s Sonata technology and TAPTAP’s creative development capabilities. The campaign strategy is focused on giving away Heinz tomato seeds to engaged users while emphasizing the organic elements at the core of Heinz tomato sauce. This has led the brand to promote the development of an engaging Rich Media creative concept that invites the user to learn how to grow Heinz tomatoes by following a few simple steps. The creative advertising concept shows the user the step-by-step process he or she must follow to obtain a harvest of Heinz tomatoes. The user must drag the elements to the field with his or her finger, first sowing the seeds, then transplanting the plant, using music to help grow the tomato plant and finally collecting the tomatoes. Finally, the user is redirected t o the Heinz website, where he or she can request the free seeds using a simple form. Belén Merino, Creative & Communication Director at TAPTAP, remarks "for advertisers is extremely important to place their brand at the forefront of a user’s mind. Through the use of rich media creative pieces, Heinz has been able to generate a positive message about the brand and create a nexus with their customers". TAPTAP’s mobile-specific creative development team designed and developed the smartphone creative with the aim to enhance user interaction and to generate positive high engagement ratios. Thereafter, by using Sonata’s LQI (Location Quality Index) technology, TAPTAP has been able to certify the quality of geographical results, offering the highest accuracy in audience profiling, contextual activation and measurement of physical and digital attribution of the digital advertising campaign.


The use of creative pieces made for the mobile medium and its innate contextual possibilities generates a higher ratio of user engagement resulting in positive behavior towards the brand. In addition, the lack of a contest to gain access to Heinz’s seeds and that the user is always able to reach the last step of the creative piece means the brand’s message is not perceived as intrusive. According to Elena Sanz, Account Director of OMD, "the campaign results support OMD commitment to mobile media, managing to increase engagement ratio results and campaign’s average CTR". Download Heinz’s app on Itunes or Google PlayFounded in 2010, TAPTAP Networks has developed the Sonata Platform, which, through LQI (Location Quality Index) technology, offers advanced user profiling and advertising activation in a brand-safe environment and physical and digital campaign advertising attribution.TAPTAP, which has a presence in nine markets, works with leading brands and agencies worldwide, providing branding solutions based on data through video channels, outdoor mobile advertising and the mobile medium.For more information contact marketing@taptapnetworks.comor visit www.taptapnetworks.com

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