Clear Channel Outdoor & TAPTAP build the largest omnichannel marketing platform in Latin America, digitalizing Out of Home audiences through Smartphones.

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Sep 14, 2017


  • TAPTAP reaches an agreement with global outdoor advertising giant Clear Channel Outdoor incorporating TAPTAP’s Sonata Audience Extension within Clear Channel’s LatAm product portfolio in order to maximize engagement between brands and targeted audiences.
  • Through its proprietary LQI technology, TAPTAP’s Sonata Out-of-Home solution leverages quality location and context signals to geoprofile and geo-retarget audiences based on outdoor presence and outdoor advertiser inventory.

Clear Channel Outdoor will be supported by TAPTAP as technology partner for outdoor advertising in Latin America. Sonata, TAPTAP’s mobile-centric marketing platform, is the advertising technology solution leveraged by Clear Channel Outdoor ad campaigns to maximize audience extension and engagement for Out-Of-Home campaigns.  Clear Channel Outdoor, a global leading outdoor advertising network, allows advertisers to reach relevant audiences through an extensive portfolio of innovative, premium and high-tech products. The agreement reached between Clear Channel Outdoor and TAPTAP includes the main ad markets in Latin America: Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, and also Miami, where the major media agencies for LatAm markets are located.  Sonata’s solution geofences and seamlessly synchronizes all of Clear Channel’s Outdoor billboard locations with digital media. Sonata allows advertisers to geo-profile and activate physical retargeting with target outdoor audiences using rich interactive hypercontextual ad formats.  Felipe Areal, TAPTAP’s Partner explains: “Advertisers can now execute OOH advertising strategies effectively by synchronizing each OOH plan with extended local interactive audiences. The use of pre-qualified location signals in tandem with dynamic content ads enables effective activation of sophisticated geo-profiles while at the same time optimizing for engagement and attribution.  MooH (Mobile Out-of-Home), TAPTAP’s new platform based solution is based on Sonata LQI (Location Quality Index), which certifies and validates geo-contextual signals. Campaign results show that MooH maximizes brand awareness and reinforces a brand's top-of-mind.   Antonio Jiménez, Regional Vice President of Clear Channel Outdoor Latin America adds: “Outdoor is the media which has experienced the greatest transformation over the last few years increasingly becoming the most innovative one. The complementarity between outdoor advertising and mobile devices allows advertisers to better understand audience attributes, increase brand awareness levels and maximize buying intention through reinforcing and complementary advertising impacts. Clear Channel Outdoor is once again pioneering in Latin America thanks to bringing innovative advertising solutions based on sophisticated technology, with the sole objective of offering its customers the best service possible. Audience Geo-targeting is already a reality”.Omnichannel ad trends seek complementarity between media channels.  Joining OOH media with ubiquitous mobile devices allows for new audience engagement models leveraging context and location as key elements for maximizing engagement between brands and audiences. Sonata, TAPTAP’s mobile-centric marketing platform, complements Clear Channel Outdoor in Latin America through the Out-of-Home mobile advertising solution reinforcing campaign messages, increasing brand awareness and driving sales traffic with mobile retargeting ad campaigns. About TAPTAP: Founded in 2010, TAPTAP Is an independent venture-backed mobile-centric advertising firm present in nine markets within Europe and America through its Sonata platform.  Sonata allows global advertisers and agencies advanced user profiling, activation of contextual campaigns, and access to global real-time advertising attribution models that include the physical and digital world. For more information, contact or visit  About Clear Channel: Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc., (NYSE: CCO) is one of the biggest outdoor ad companies worldwide with 590.000 locations in 25 countries across 4 continents. Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings provides different ad formats through a global platform enabling brand to reach their audiences (“Where Brands Meet People”). Including the digital outdoor platform offering now more than 9600 screen all over the world and continuously growing. The international division of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings works in 23 countries in Latin America, Asia and Europe. More information in and

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